Definition of features of the Algerian flag:

The flag of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria is constituted by a green and white rectangle embossed by a red star and a red crescent.


The green must be a composition of equal yellow and blue having, according to the diagram of contrasts of Rood, a wavelength of 5.411 and the position 600 on the normal spectre. The red must be pure, of primary indecomposable colour, and exempt of blue and yellow having, according to the below-indicated diagram, a wavelength of 6.562 and the position 285 on the normal spectre.

Proportions and Disposition

The length of the rectangle is equal to one and half its width (height of the flag). This rectangle is divided according to the small median in two halves. The green colour half is placed inside, against the shaft.

The white colour half is placed outside. The star is composed of five branches. It is written down in a circle whose radius is equal to the eighth of the height of the flag.

It detaches itself entirely on the white bottom of the flag; two tips are on the small median of the rectangle and a tip on the big median.

The radius of the outside circle of the crescent is equal to the quarter of the height of the flag.

The radius of the interior circle of the crescent is equal to the fifth of the height of the flag. The two tips of the crescent delimit a big equal bow to the five sixth of the circumference of the outside circle.

The centre of the outside circle of the crescent is in the centre of the rectangle.

Appendix of the law n° 63-145 of April 25, 1963, carrying definition of features of the
Algerian national emblem.


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