One of the main tasks of the the Consular Section of the Algerian Embassy in Pretoria is to provide assistance to families of Algerian Nationals who die abroad. The Embassy is committed to assist the family in making arrangements with local authorities for the preparation and transfer to Algeria of the remains of the deceased, in accordance with the family's wishes and local Algerian regulations as well as. However, the Embassy does not pay the transfer of the remains (read the note below).

In case of death of an Algerian national, the Embassy must, without delay, be contacted in order to inform the family and provide assistance and advice, if necessary.

All administrative formalities (Paperwork) are dealt with by the Funeral Services (Undertaker) appointed by the deceased's family or relatives. On the request of the family, the Embassy can recommend reliable Undertakers.

The Embassy informs the family and the relevant Algerian Authorities about the death, the date of arrival of the deceased and issues the death certificate and the authorisation for the transfer of the remains "Authorisation de Transfert de corps".

To obtain the "Authorisation de Transfert de corps", the following documents are required:

  • Birth Certificate for citizen not registered at the Consulate;
  • Medical Certificate named "Free from infection" (to be issued by the hospital or the Doctor who determined the death);
  • Death certificate;
  • Embalming Certificate issued by the funeral services;
  • Certificate by the Undertaker stating that the coffin contains only the remains of the late citizen (name to be mentioned);
  • Certificate stating that the body has been laid out according to Muslim rituals;

The identity documents, including the consular registration card, of the deceased;

Important Note:

The Algerian national insurance company SAA proposes an insurance contract for the repatriation to Algeria of the remains of a deceased Algerian citizen residing abroad. This insurance, called "Assurance rapatriement de corps", ensures the repatriation of the remains of the insured deceased person from the country of residence to the place of burial in Algeria. It also guarantees the provision to a close relative of a round trip airplane ticket to accompany the body. The fees for this insurance are 2500 Algerian Dinars per year and per person. For more information on this insurance, please visit the website of the SAA at:

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