1. Authentication of commercial and administrative documents

The Embassy offers the authentication of foreign commercial and administrative documents for their use in Algeria. The required documents are:

  • Authentication of the original document by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa (DIRCO),
  • Proof of payment of the authentication fees (by EFT or bank transfer to the Embassy account):
  • 1125 ZAR per document for commercial documents
  • 37,5 ZAR per document for administrative documents.


  1. Legalization of true copy:
  • The original of the document to legalize,
  • Payment of the legalization fees: 37,5 ZAR per document (EFT or bank transfer to the Embassy account)

An Algerian minor travelling to Algeria on his own or with his mother must have parental permission for travel to be applied for by the father who must be present at the Embassy to sign the said document in the presence of the officer in charge.

This document is required by the Algerian authorities at any border control point (including Airports, Ports or Land Borders).

This document is not required when the minor's parents are divorced or separated on condition that:

  • The minor lives abroad with his mother;
  • The mother holds a court order with full custody, which must be shown as evidence by the mother when leaving Algeria.

How to Apply:

  1. Parental permission for travel application form;
  2. Original as well as a copy of a birth certificate for the minor or the parent's Family book;
  3. Identity document of the father (Consular Card or Passport or Algerian Identity card);
  4. Fees: 11 Rand.


This document is issued to enable an Algerian citizen living in abroad to appoint someone to carry out an administrative or judicial procedure on his behalf in Algeria. For example, the power of attorney can be used to buy or sell a property in Algeria, to run a business...

On the contrary, it cannot be used for marriage.

The power of attorney is personal and the presence of the applicant at the Embassy is obligatory. 

Applying in person:

  1. Application form to be filled in and signed by the applicant at the Embassy;
  2. Proof of identity: consular registration card, passport or national identity;
  3. Fees: 95 Rand cash only.

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