1. Import Procedures: to import or export goods, you must present a detailed declaration to the Customs office; it must be written and signed by the informant.

To consult import procedures, click here (in French).

Specific Import Procedures: there are various particular and economic regimes. Consult the Algerian Customs website dedicated to these issues for further information.

Importing Samples: samples can be exported without any control but they are subject to a customs declaration if they are sent from abroad to Algeria. For more information, Algerian Customs Website.


  1. Ministry of Commerce : mincommerce.gov.dz/
  2. Ministry of industry and mining: http://www.industrie.gov.dz/
  3. Algerian portal of exporters: http://www.exportal.dz/
  4. National Agency of Investment Development (ANDI): http://www.andi.dz/index.php/en/
  5. Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI): http://www.caci.dz/en-us
  6. National Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Tradealgex.dz
  7. Algerian Company for Export Insurance and Guaranteescagex.com.dz
  8. Business Directories (Find an Algerian partner) :


  1. Links to resources for finding Algerian businesses

Site for the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: www.elmouchir.caci.dz

Site for Algerian businesses: www.entreprisesalgeriennes.com

Directories of Algerian businesses: www.algerieclic.com and www.rea-dz.com



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