ALGIERS- Minister of Justice Belkacem Zeghmati said Tuesday in Algiers that the task of the independent authority for elections will be the organization and the monitoring of all the stages of the electoral process.

The process lasts from the convening of the electorate to the announcement of the preliminary results.

 The minister presented the bill on the independent election authority before the People National Assembly’s committee on legal, administrative and liberties affairs.

"All the prerogatives of the public administration on elections have been transferred, under this legislation, to the independent authority of elections," he detailed.

 The Authority will have a status of a juridical person and administrative and financial autonomy. Its task is to organize and monitor the electoral process and oversee all its stages, from the convening of the electorate to the announcement of the preliminary results.

This authority "will have all the prerogatives, which were entrusted to the public administration in electoral matters and will have its own operating budget and allocations for electoral operations," said the minister, adding that "it will oversee the process elections in Algeria and abroad."

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The bill, composed of 54 articles, guarantees the preparation and the holding of the elections "in full transparency, integrity and impartiality," said Zeghmati.

Its mission includes the revision of voter list and the electoral lists at the municipalities and diplomatic and consular centers abroad, in addition to the reception and examination of the candidacy files.

It will also be responsible for controlling the financing of the election campaigns.

The Independent Election Authority "will receive any petition, notification or rejection" in connection with the election, Zeghmati said.

The bill and the amendments to the electoral law "are part of the approach of the Head of State and conclusions of the National Panel of Dialogue and Mediation (INDM),” he concluded

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

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