ALGIERS- Algeria and Niger expressed, Wednesday in Algiers, their readiness and commitment to further strengthening their relations and foster cooperation in various fields.

"We are very pleased about the quality of cooperation between Niger and Algeria, especially in the security field," Niger's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, African Integration and Nigeriens Abroad Ibrahim Yacoubou told the press at the end of his discussions with Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ramtane Lamamra.

"We are neighbouring countries and we intend to assume this responsibility, especially in terms of border security. As such, we have built exemplary cooperation," he said.

Yacoubou underlined that "Algeria has done a lot for Niger in the management of security issues," adding that the two countries "have agreed to deepen their security cooperation to cope with the different challenges facing them."

The fifty-year old bilateral relations are "very good" and will be further strengthened, he said, adding that cooperation between the two countries have developed at the political level with "harmonious" positions, as well as in the fields of training and higher education.

"We aim at encouraging Algerian operators to invest in Niger, which offers huge potentialities and prospects," said Yacoubou.

For his part, Lamamra underlined the relations of friendship, good neighbourliness and cooperation between Algeria and Niger.

"We have always significantly contributed to the resolution of crises in the continent," he added.

In this regard, Lamamra said that the "participation of Niger in the international mediation team for Mali was remarkable."

"Together we have helped our Malian brothers, neighbours of both countries, to overcome the difficult crisis and open up to new prospects," he added.

"In addition to the security issue, which remains a major concern, we have also the priorities of development," noted Lamamra.

To that end, "we should manage to produce together, prosper together and to consume products of our economies," insisted Lamamra, calling to "speed things up and invite economic operators of the two countries to develop a wealth-generating partnership."

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 17:21

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